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The Objectives of WSTPC
Identify, monitor, and seek issues having broad impact or the potential for broad impact, on travel and tourism, the economy, and the quality of life.

Support and conduct research to assist in the development and advocacy of policy positions and alternatives.

Advocate tourism positions of regional interest.

Provide a regional forum and serve as a focal point for information and data exchange including sponsoring educational and information programs which will assist in establishing a better understanding and consideration of the western tourism perspective and a wider recognition of the substantial contribution of the West to the well-being of the nation as a whole.

Provide for coordination of the Council's efforts and serve the ongoing information needs of the legislative and executive branches of local, state, tribal and federal government; state, regional and national associations; and other institutions by providing input on matters of concern to tourism industry constituencies in the western states.

Facilitate cooperation and coordination among the states, and between the states and the federal government.

Influence the policies and programs of local, state, and federal agencies affecting tourism in the western states.

Seek opportunities to testify and speak before government, media, and the general public on policy issues of concern to the general welfare of the West and the nation.

Encourage western tourism leadership representation on key committees of state and federal government and associations.

Develop and advocate unified approaches with other multi-state organizations in support of key western tourism issues.


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